Monday, May 27, 2019

2019 World RX of Great Britain Review

As the United Kingdom hosted Round 4 of the FIA World Rallycross Championship with the race season's only festival, Speedmachine festival, drawing thousands of fans to world-famous motorsports venue, Silverstone circuit, GC Kompetition pleased the crowds with some action-packed racing bagging the team's first podium with Anton Marklund racing his way to P3 in the final.

GCK on the podium at Round 4 of World RX as Anton Marklund places 3rd

Anton Marklund: "A very good end to a very good weekend - we qualified for the final and we reached the podium, which was our target. We made great starts in the semi-final and finals, early jokers putting us in last in both the semi and the final and just kept pushing and had the pace to finish in P2 in the semi-final and eventually, p3 in the final. Really looking forward to Norway RX now!"

Guerlain Chicherit: "I'm really pleased with this weekend's results. We've been showing competitive speed and increasingly improving performance since Abu Dhabi, so it's great for the entire team to see this come together in a podium spot. I personally didn't have the best semi-final and I'm of course frustrated to not be battling it in the final alongside my team mate but there's always Norway.. :). The GCK Academy had some really bad luck this weekend and would've deserved much better results but we just need to shake that off and move on for bigger and better results in Hell."

GCK Academy is dealt a tough hand at Round 4 of the FIA World Championship in the UK

Guillaume de Ridder: "I think I can say we were a bit unlucky this race weekend. We had a pretty good start to the weekend with a decent start in Q1, starting 5th on the grid and winning the race with a P8 overall. Q2 was a bit tough with a lot of battling and then Q3 happened and I was unable to continue racing due to the severe damage the battle between Doran and Bennett caused. It's frustrating, of course, but you have to move on; it's racing and I will look ahead to Norway for better results."

Cyril Raymond: "I'm really disappointed because we had the potential to do great things and go in the final, which I showed it in Q3 putting down the 3rd fastest time overall. We had a nice bit of speed and it felt really great. Arriving in Q4, the technical issues we faced affected my confidence. I look forward to it being tomorrow, so I can shake this off and move on, I'm definitely not happy finishing in 13th and waiting in the car as reserve is a horrible feeling. However, it was a learning weekend for the team who did a great job, we made good progress on turn entries even if we still have to work on the full picture, but we are on the right path."

Source: GCK